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Carpeted Kitchens?

I have never seen a carpeted kitchen. I have heard of such things; people tell tales about soft floored kitchens around the world, places where people can walk around bare foot, or go for a midnight snack, without fear of having the freezing grasp of the tiled floor waking them from their late night slumber […]

A fresh coat of paint

One of my final tips for updating your kitchen’s look on a budget is painting it. Yes, that’s right; painting it. I know it is the oldest solution in the book; but for the cost conscious designer, or someone on a shoe string budget who is tired of staring at the same old kitchen walls, […]

Automatic Lights: The craze that never caught on

We have all seen them; you see them in films, you see them on television shows and you definitely have seen them in adverts. Automatic lights. They seemed so futuristic; people would come into their homes, into their kitchens, and one of two things would happen. The first is that the character would clap their […]

The smells of your kitchen

A lot of people spend a lot of time and money presenting the look of their kitchen to family and friends. The floors, the windows, the walls, the paintings, the colours and the fittings all have to be a certain way, to have a certain look, to impress. One area of kitchen design that is […]

Crumpet toasters: Why settle for less

We’ve all been there; you wake up in the morning and you’ve got no bread. Nothing. Not one single slice for your toast. You open the fridge. Nothing. You open the freezer and there, hidden under the chips, is a packet of crumpets. Lonely, never used but now is the time for them to shine. […]

American Style Fridges: Fridges done right

The Americans come under a lot of stick from all quarters of the world for various stupid things they do or invent. The idea of supersizing is ridiculed world wide as people criticise the expanding waistlines of the American population. “Bigger is better” is a phrase often associated with The States, but of the course […]

The instant hot water tap

There’s one thing above all others that really grinds my gears in the kitchen. Is it my useless, broken dishwasher? No. What about my microwave with a dodgy spinning tray? Not even close. The one thing that rubs me the wrong way is waiting for the tap to get hot. It’s annoying on every level; […]

The Slow Cooker: God’s Gift

There are many things in my life that I am happy for; good health, a decent job, good family and great friends! When it comes to the kitchen I was never quite so happy. A dodgy microwave, a toaster that broke on me and a washing machine that has just done likewise. The cooking and […]

Is there such a thing as the perfect kitchen?

One of the first things people consider when buying a house, or indeed planning to build their own, is the Kitchen. People will tell you a lot of different things about the perfect kitchen though; but the truth is there’s no such thing. The perfect kitchen is something unique to everyone; but there’s always a […]

Sandwich Toasters

Making your own toasted sandwich is a great treat, but to be able to do it you need to have a sandwich toaster. If you look at the breville sandwich toaster, you’ll see a typical model. What they do is they take a ready made sandwich and toast it to heat up the ingredients, giving […]