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The Slow Cooker: God’s Gift

There are many things in my life that I am happy for; good health, a decent job, good family and great friends! When it comes to the kitchen I was never quite so happy. A dodgy microwave, a toaster that broke on me and a washing machine that has just done likewise. The cooking and […]

Is there such a thing as the perfect kitchen?

One of the first things people consider when buying a house, or indeed planning to build their own, is the Kitchen. People will tell you a lot of different things about the perfect kitchen though; but the truth is there’s no such thing. The perfect kitchen is something unique to everyone; but there’s always a […]

Sandwich Toasters

Making your own toasted sandwich is a great treat, but to be able to do it you need to have a sandwich toaster. If you look at the breville sandwich toaster, you’ll see a typical model. What they do is they take a ready made sandwich and toast it to heat up the ingredients, giving […]

Bread Makers

A lot of people eat and enjoy bread, but one step further is making your own bread. You can do this with a kneading your own dough, and then making the loaf which is then placed within the oven, but the process can be greatly simplified by using a bread maker. A bread maker is […]

The Breville Blend Active

Breville is an active contributor to many people’s kitchen repertoire, providing them with effective kitchen appliances for a number of different functions. One of the company’s products is the Breville Blend Active, a blender designed to enhance convenience when making smoothies and other blended drinks. With a blending cup which doubles as a drinking cup, […]