• Keep your fridge and freezer in tip top condition

  • How economical is it to use a dishwasher?

  • Buying a new microwave

  • Are kitchen gadgets worth the cupboard space?

  • Quality Kitchen Units Made of Timber

  • Are integrated appliances a good idea?

  • Should I buy an expensive bean to cup coffee machine?

  • Can you Allow Customers to Bring their Own Containers to a Canteen?

  • Why is your Catering Supplier Not the Best Choice for you?

  • Catering Equipment and Hygiene

Clean your fridges

I stayed at a friend’s last Friday and Saturday nights with a bunch of other friends and friends of friends who had all descended on this poor Wimbledon home with a view to getting drunk quickly, eating a load and making an enormous racket and mess. We accomplished all of those goals with, as you […]

What to Look for When Looking for a 3 Cup Cafetiere

A 3 cup cafetiere is probably one of the most enduring piece of utensil in the British kitchen. They have been used by countless generations to serve coffee and are intricately woven into the British culture and psyche. The passage of time has brought with it a wide array of utensils from which one can […]

Couples and kitchens

It is a sad indictment of marriage and couples that I say I am “lucky” to not have to share a kitchen with a significant other. I have friends who do, and friends who struggle to make best use of that shared, common space with another person for long periods of time. When two independent […]

Open plan design

This article will be a little more specifically about home design than my normal kitchen design focus, but that is not an accident. I want to talk about one very interesting aspect of design that has a big weighting on the design, layout and use of your kitchen. That aspect is open plan design. What […]

The kitchen for communal dining

“The kitchen?!” I hear you cry, “The kitchen is a place for cooking, for preparing food, certainly not for eating it you kitchen design heathen!” “We have dining rooms for that,” pipes up one dissenter at the back, “I sit in front of my television to eat” says another. All of these people might be […]

How to manage in small kitchens

A lot of the time when I discuss kitchen designs I take a little too much for granted. I assume that you all have enormous amounts of space available, or a huge budget, or access to world class designers and architects. The truth is barely anyone has access to any of that. I stayed with […]

Lighting in the Kitchen space

Lighting your kitchen is often one of the most overlooked aspects of kitchen design. Rubbish lighting can make your kitchen look like a steaming pile of manure; and no one wants that from a kitchen. Instead by choosing your lighting carefully you can transform even the most mundane kitchen into one that makes women swoon […]

Professional Designers

We all love a bit of do it yourself. Be honest; we all throwing on the overalls, grabbing our crunchy paintbrushes and dusting off our cans of paint before boldly going into our rooms and trying to apply a little bit of TLC to our ailing homes. There comes a point, though, when we need […]

Carpeted Kitchens?

I have never seen a carpeted kitchen. I have heard of such things; people tell tales about soft floored kitchens around the world, places where people can walk around bare foot, or go for a midnight snack, without fear of having the freezing grasp of the tiled floor waking them from their late night slumber […]

A fresh coat of paint

One of my final tips for updating your kitchen’s look on a budget is painting it. Yes, that’s right; painting it. I know it is the oldest solution in the book; but for the cost conscious designer, or someone on a shoe string budget who is tired of staring at the same old kitchen walls, […]