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Island For Your Kitchen; A Central Workspace

Typical rectangular kitchen designs are boring, yet they are the most popular choice for most places due to the size of the room the kitchen is built into. But if you have a kitchen that has a large open space in the middle, it might be worth getting an island for your kitchen to use […]

Quooker, the Boiling Water Tap for Your Kitchen

Times are changing, as are the needs of the householder; not only do we need to cut back on wasted water and energy, we also need to think smart. The Quooker Boiling water tap has a high-vacuum insulation, resulting in 60% more energy-efficient saving than other boiling water taps. Choose between a separate boiling water […]

Andrew James Multifunctional Food Processor

There are many different types of branded multifunctional food processors out there available to buy from various kitchen appliance stores; the price ranges vary with some as low as £40 and some as high as £400. Electrical equipment these days is not meant to last for a long time like the machines of the past, […]

My new kitchen

I have moved in, finally, to a place in Brixton. It is great, my housemates lovely, my room cosy and the house itself tidy, warm and friendly. The kitchen, too, is perfect for everything I need. It is not the biggest in the world, but it is well proportioned and we have every utensil and […]

How to Find the Best Vintage Kitchenware in the Market Today

One of the most sought after kitchen items are vintage kitchenware. They do not only serve as food preparation equipment but they can also be used to bring beauty to the kitchen. These items might be amazing but the only challenge is finding them in the market today. While the items might still be trading […]

Work Kitchens

Ah yes. This is something I have refrained from writing about but that I know people are constantly thinking about. I love communal spaces, if only for the fact that I find people so interesting, so strange and excitingly weird. I love to watch them interact in these communal spaces, and there’s nothing that gets […]

Too much in a kitchen

I love stuff! Then again I have always been a bit of a hoarder. The kitchen I have has just enough, though. Coffee machine? Check. Fridge and freezer? Bingo. But there’s a lot of things that I do not want clogging up the areas in my kitchen. A clothes horse? No thank you. What about a […]

Clean your fridges

I stayed at a friend’s last Friday and Saturday nights with a bunch of other friends and friends of friends who had all descended on this poor Wimbledon home with a view to getting drunk quickly, eating a load and making an enormous racket and mess. We accomplished all of those goals with, as you […]

What to Look for When Looking for a 3 Cup Cafetiere

A 3 cup cafetiere is probably one of the most enduring piece of utensil in the British kitchen. They have been used by countless generations to serve coffee and are intricately woven into the British culture and psyche. The passage of time has brought with it a wide array of utensils from which one can […]

Couples and kitchens

It is a sad indictment of marriage and couples that I say I am “lucky” to not have to share a kitchen with a significant other. I have friends who do, and friends who struggle to make best use of that shared, common space with another person for long periods of time. When two independent […]