Kitchen Cookware

Finding the Right Pans for your Kitchen

You should make sure you have a good selection of pans in your home. This will mean that you have plenty of options for all eventualities and whatever you want to cook, you will have the right equipment. You really should choose a non-stick pan as standard, because this will mean you don’t have to […]

5 in 1 Breakfast Frying Pan

When you’re cooking for yourself, there isn’t a lot of need for a large frying area, and a 5 in 1 breakfast frying pan seeks to capitalise on this. It divides a typically sized frying pan into 5 separate areas, for you to fry 5 different things in. Marketed as an ideal solution to creating […]

Tefal Ingenio Non-stick Induction Cookware Set

Tefal have released the Tefal Ingenio, a new revolutionary concept of cookware featuring detachable handles at the click of a button making it easier to detach and store without awkward handles cluttering up space in your cupboards. This also makes the Ingenio pots/pans fully adaptable, where they can be used as frying pans, saucepans, oven cooking pots (Ingenio […]