Kitchen Appliances

Keep your fridge and freezer in tip top condition

Having a fridge, freezer or combination of the two is now seen as an essential appliance in any modern kitchen and they are probably, next to the kettle the most used items in the kitchen. However, we often forget that they do need to be given some regular attention to make sure that they are […]

How economical is it to use a dishwasher?

In the majority of modern kitchens there will probably be a dishwasher either a free-standing type or more commonly an integrated model but if you are concerned about the economy of using a dishwasher compared to good old-fashioned washing up how do the two methods of doing the dishes compare? The answer to this question […]

Buying a new microwave

Microwaves have become an essential part of the modern kitchen and although some are integrated into the kitchen units some people still prefer to buy a free-standing model that they can move around the kitchen to suit their needs. The range of free-standing microwaves on offer is mind blowing and so it is important to […]

Are kitchen gadgets worth the cupboard space?

Before purchasing the latest kitchen gadget, it is a good idea to ask ourselves a few important questions. The first is do I really need a piece of additional equipment to complete a task. For example, an electronic can opener is useful if you have joint problems in your hands and find it difficult to […]

Quality Kitchen Units Made of Timber

Kitchen units need to be high quality and should always be made from the best products to ensure they last a long time. Timber kitchen units will look great and will also stand the test of time, potentially lasting for many years to come. When looking for new kitchen units, consider timber and see what […]

Are integrated appliances a good idea?

When it comes to designing your new kitchen, you need to choose between integrated appliances and stand alone ones. Integrated appliances will ensure an exact fit as cupboards are built around them to leave no wasted space. This can be especially useful in a smaller kitchen when space is of the upmost importance. Many people […]

Should I buy an expensive bean to cup coffee machine?

If a quality cup coffee is a priority for you first thing in the morning, then you may have considered buying a bean to cup coffee machine. Unfortunately, these coffee machines, which some would consider a kitchen gadget, are normally quite expensive unless you can find one on special offer but are they worth the […]

Can you Allow Customers to Bring their Own Containers to a Canteen?

In a canteen, health and safety are the most important factors. It’s essential that you strictly adhere to health and safety standards set by the industry and that you have your own policy in place as well. This can make it difficult for people to bring their own containers when you are catering for them. […]

Why is your Catering Supplier Not the Best Choice for you?

You catering supplier needs to be the perfect fit. This is the only way to get good value for money, excellent service, and access to all the equipment you require at the right times. Finding the right supplier to meet your needs will dramatically change your ways of going about business and conducting your everyday […]

Catering Equipment and Hygiene

One of the factors that differentiates catering equipment from everyday cooking equipment is hygiene. Catering equipment needs to be hygienic when used for serving large numbers of people and all standards need to be followed fully. This might mean washing down surfaces, keeping separate chopping boards for preparing different kinds of food, or using stainless […]