Author: Brenda

Quality Kitchen Units Made of Timber

Kitchen units need to be high quality and should always be made from the best products to ensure they last a long time. Timber kitchen units will look great and will also stand the test of time, potentially lasting for many years to come. When looking for new kitchen units, consider timber and see what […]

Choosing your Catering Supplier Based on Cost

Catering equipment suppliers are known for being expensive, especially if you find that you need equipment last minute and they can charge a premium for this. However, there should be more reasons to choose a catering supplier than price alone. If you only base your decision on prices, you will probably be missing out on […]

Getting a Professional Kitchen Design

When you have a kitchen already in place, it can be hard to think outside the box and decide what else you could do with it. The chances are, you may be able to lay it out in a different configuration that will give you more space for the things that are important to you, […]

Can you Build your Own Kitchen from Scratch?

Kitchens are personal things and you are going to want to put your own stamp on this important room. Everyone has different tastes and preferences, so yours will very much be up to you. If you are going to have a kitchen that is completely unique, have you thought about building your own? This would […]

What is an AOV?

AOV is short for Automatic Opening Vent. It is a control system that ducts smoke or air that is used in smoke and natural ventilation. This control system is mostly used in the ventilation of smoke in the case of a fire. Results found after investigations into smoke inhalation prompted the changes made to building regulations. […]

Larder Storage for your Kitchen

A larder doesn’t just have to mean a larder in a traditional sense – a room tucked away where food can be stored. A larder can now also mean larder storage units, which offer versatile and helpful storage within any kind of kitchen. They are built into the kitchen design, giving you more usable space […]

Choosing a Colour Scheme for your Kitchen

A colour scheme is a good place to start if you are choosing a new kitchen. It will give you some inspiration and help you decide what you like, and you can begin to make mood boards to collect together ideas for things you like. Of course, it shouldn’t be too regimented – you can’t […]

Finding the Right Pans for your Kitchen

You should make sure you have a good selection of pans in your home. This will mean that you have plenty of options for all eventualities and whatever you want to cook, you will have the right equipment. You really should choose a non-stick pan as standard, because this will mean you don’t have to […]

How Important is it to Have a Microwave?

Some people love them and hate them – microwaves are not for everyone. There are many reasons why a microwave might be a good idea for you, though. They can perform lots of functions in the kitchen and generally, they are quite reasonably priced, making it perfectly possible to get a microwave for a price […]

How to Choose a New Oven

A good oven is central to having a kitchen you love to cook in. If you have decided to choose a new oven, the market is going to be quite overwhelming. There are single ovens, double ovens, range cookers, gas ovens, electric… Which one is right for you and how do you make the decision? […]