Is an open plan kitchen right for your family?

As homeowners look to improve and modernise their property one of the alterations they may decide to make is to remove walls separating the kitchen from the dining room or living room to make one large open plan space. This configuration is often seen in new builds and gives the impression of a more spacious living area but is it right for your family?

If there are only adults living in the property then it may be that this style is beneficial as when working in the kitchen you can hold a conversation with the person sitting in the living area more easily. Should you enjoy watching the television whilst preparing food this again is possible. However, if you have young children in the house this type of room arrangement can be a challenge as the potentially dangerous kitchen appliances are more accessible to little hands and partitioning off the cooking area can be more difficult than being able to just close the door.

For some families with young children, it may be that they see this layout as a positive thing as they can work in the kitchen whilst being able to watch their children playing in the living area at the same time. Cupboard locks and guards can overcome some of the dangers in the kitchen along with extra vigilance by the adult.