Keep your fridge and freezer in tip top condition

Having a fridge, freezer or combination of the two is now seen as an essential appliance in any modern kitchen and they are probably, next to the kettle the most used items in the kitchen. However, we often forget that they do need to be given some regular attention to make sure that they are running efficiently and keeping our food cold enough to prevent it deteriorating and going off.

Regular cleaning and defrosting of the fridge and freezer are essential to the efficient running of these appliances as bits of food can block drainage pipes and cause overheating. Some fridge freezers have a drain hole at the back of the interior of the fridge with a small plastic implement that can be used to ensure the hole is clear. A simple solution made of lemon juice and water can be used to clean the inside of the fridge leaving it smelling fresh and clean or an odourless bought cleaning product can be used instead.

The freezer will be less efficient if there is a build up of ice on the walls and also the inside food storage space will be reduced. Regular defrosting will be needed to keep the appliance working at its best and prevent a possible breakdown resulting in spoiled contents and water leakage.