Is now the right time to have a fitted kitchen designed?

A fitted kitchen can have many advantages. Lots of people have been planning or taken the first steps in to having a fitted kitchen designed during lockdown. It may be that you have been at home a lot and realised that your kitchen simply is not practical or that you want to make it more of a space in which you can entertain guests rather than just a place to cook and clean.

Many of the kitchen design and fitting companies have had to close throughout the last 12 months due to the Covid restrictions, but many of them have still been able to offer virtual appointments or complete work that has already been started. Virtual appoints can allow them to talk you through the different ranges and types of kitchen they have on offer and even allow them to give you instructions on how to take some simple measurements of the room. Once they have these measurements they can then go away and come up with a design for you. This design can be tweaked back and forth until you are completely satisfied with it. This means that once they are able to come back to your home again, all they need to do is take the exact measurements and then the kitchen can start to be built.

This is usually the longest part of the process as the bespoke elements of the design will all need to be individually made or cut to size. Often kitchen companies have their own factories which make the furniture, but if not they will have to wait for a third party to create the furniture to allow them to fit it.

A fitted kitchen can not only add a decent amount of profit on to your property but it can also make it more saleable. This means that it is likely to be sold quicker than a house that has a kitchen that needs a lot of work or that is a bit dated. A new kitchen is a huge selling point of a home but if you spend a lot on your kitchen, you may not make it all back when it comes to selling. If you are getting a new kitchen purely to add value to your home or to increase the saleability, then make sure you don’t spend too much on it. An Estate agent will be able to tell you the celling price of homes in your area.