Buying a new microwave

Microwaves have become an essential part of the modern kitchen and although some are integrated into the kitchen units some people still prefer to buy a free-standing model that they can move around the kitchen to suit their needs.

The range of free-standing microwaves on offer is mind blowing and so it is important to think about the features you use on your microwave to make sure you are not paying for features you do not use. Some microwaves double up as a grill or a combination oven but if you only ever microwave food in it then it is pointless paying extra for these features.

The power of the microwave, measured in watts, is an indication of the speed and efficiency of the appliance so go for the highest power you can afford.

An important specification to check when buying a new microwave is that it is large enough inside to allow your particular plates and dishes to fit properly. Many of the cheaper microwaves have a small turntable which is a problem if you regularly reheat food on your dinner plates. The interior height can also be an issue if jugs and other containers are too tall to fit in, so it is a good idea to choose a microwave which is large enough for your needs.