Are kitchen gadgets worth the cupboard space?

Before purchasing the latest kitchen gadget, it is a good idea to ask ourselves a few important questions. The first is do I really need a piece of additional equipment to complete a task. For example, an electronic can opener is useful if you have joint problems in your hands and find it difficult to grip and turn an ordinary opener but is a lot more expensive and takes up valuable worktop space if you have a modest kitchen.

Secondly, how often is the appliance going to be used. If it is rarely, for example a large mixer to make a Christmas cake could one be borrowed from a friend or relative. If, however you regularly use a food processor for baking or for other culinary uses then it is worthwhile owning one.

A few years ago, it was popular to own a bread making machine. People were full of good intentions and planned to make their own healthy bread only to find that it was far cheaper to buy it from a bakery. Unfortunately, many of these gadgets are now languishing in the back of our kitchen cupboards or in attics so think carefully before splashing out on unnecessary items.