Choosing worktops for your bespoke kitchen

If you have decided that the best choice for your new kitchen is to go for the bespoke option that is to say the kitchen is designed and built to your particular specifications one of the many choices you will have to make is what type of worktops you are going to have. This is an important decision as the colour and material of the worktop can give the finished kitchen a totally different look and can either enhance the finished project or spoil it.

Probably the top end worktop material that can be used is hard wearing granite or quartz. Although the most expensive option granite is both heat and spill resistant, is easy to clean and hygienic. The finish these two materials give to a kitchen is second to none and so is the option chosen most often by luxurious kitchen designers.

Another choice that is popular with people having a bespoke kitchen is solid wooden worktops. This type of worktop can add natural beauty to a kitchen whether it be modern in design or traditional. The downside of this type of worktop is that it needs regular oiling to protect the surface as it is not resistant to heat or spills however it can be sanded down to get rid of accidental marking or damage and often improves with age.