How to make the most of a small kitchen

A kitchen is a very important room in the house. If you actually timed yourself you will probably find that you spend a lot more time in your kitchen than you thought you did. It is important that a kitchen is functional but that does not mean that it cannot be aphetically pleasing at the same time.

Many people compromise on the look of their kitchen to improve the practicality of it, but this does not have to be the case.

A small kitchen needs to be well thought out in order to utilise the space as best as possible and ensure that it doesn’t look cramped. Storage is essential and ideally you want to try and have all your appliances hidden away behind cupboards to give the appearance of more space.

Keeping worktops as clear as possible will also help with making the kitchen look more spacious.

If at all possible, you may want to knock through in to a dinning room to create a kitchen/diner. This can be costly but can even add value on to your home if you then create a large kitchen area. Ideally you want a visual created of how your kitchen will look once all the appliances and cupboards are in. Most kitchen fitting companies will include this as part of their service.