Can you Allow Customers to Bring their Own Containers to a Canteen?

In a canteen, health and safety are the most important factors. It’s essential that you strictly adhere to health and safety standards set by the industry and that you have your own policy in place as well. This can make it difficult for people to bring their own containers when you are catering for them. This can be a more environmentally friendly option, and cheaper too, so it may be preferred. However, you need to make sure you are going to be catering in a safe way.

Depending on your policies and the industry you work in, it may not be possible to allow customers’ own containers into a commercial kitchen. However, what is often possible is for customers to bring their own containers and pack their own food at a table. This means if they want to transport food or they want to take home leftovers, it’s possible by doing it this way.