Finding the Right Pans for your Kitchen

You should make sure you have a good selection of pans in your home. This will mean that you have plenty of options for all eventualities and whatever you want to cook, you will have the right equipment. You really should choose a non-stick pan as standard, because this will mean you don’t have to worry about your cooking burning on the bottom.

There are many different types of pan – metal, ceramic, aluminium etc. They will all have their own benefits and will come with their own set of uses. You should ensure you have a good selection of pans, including a frying pan, wok, saucepan, milk pan and smaller frying pan for cooking things like eggs or individual omelettes.

If you have an induction hob, remember that you will need a specific type of pan. It will need to be magnetic to work with the hob’s induction system and cook food without getting hot.