Kitchen Cabinets – What are the Different Choices?

You might think a kitchen cabinet is quite a standard part of the kitchen. It is, but it comes in many different shapes and forms. These are your main considerations when choosing kitchen cabinets:

  • The colour of the cabinet itself. Usually, these will be available with a wooden finish or a white or cream finish.
  • The doors. Cabinet doors are the main part you are going to see. They are available in different designs and styles. Choose shaker cabinet doors for a more traditional finish or smooth/ shiny doors for a more modern look.
  • The handles. Think about what will go with the rest of your kitchen. Will brushed stainless steel be your best option? Or would you prefer the integrated handle look, where the handle is set into the cabinet door itself?

Choose cabinets based on aesthetic and practicality. Look through some kitchens brochures to get your inspiration.