Should You Get New Kitchen?

If you have an old kitchen and it has a rustic charm to it that you don’t really want to replace, but your appliances are old and falling apart, and the decor is dated; or your kitchen is a tacky and cheap with a retro design from 10 or more years ago that came with a new house you brought. Should you spend money on buying a whole new Kitchen or update parts of the kitchen like the appliances and repaint your kitchen instead?

If your budget is limited and you rather just spruce up the look and feel of the kitchen, it may be worth having the counter tops resprayed and  just want a whole new kitchen and swap out the kitchen cabinet doors, or draw fronts for something new and up-to-date that matches that. But be aware that if your kitchen is falling apart, it might be best to go to an auction and see if you can get an ex-showroom kitchen that can be adapted to fit your kitchen on the cheap instead.

The same applies for those who want to keep their rustic style kitchen design and feel, but instead of going for the mass produced kitchen designs new or at auction, you can also have a kitchen custom made to suit your style and taste and have appliances that can be hidden away behind facers that match your kitchen.

Conclusion: The decision of getting a whole new kitchen or just updating parts of your kitchen, depends on the condition of the kitchen; if it’s just dated and can be upgraded, or dated and beyond repair. In addition to this you should get some friends and family in to give you their honest view of what they see, such as whether it is light and airy, or dull and scary?