Island For Your Kitchen; A Central Workspace

Typical rectangular kitchen designs are boring, yet they are the most popular choice for most places due to the size of the room the kitchen is built into. But if you have a kitchen that has a large open space in the middle, it might be worth getting an island for your kitchen to use as a central workspace and utilise that otherwise wasted space.

With a Kitchen island workspace you’re not limited to facing the wall as you often are when you’re at a workspace in the kitchen, and you could be facing in any direction as you prep food; because it’s square it should provide a lot more space to work with and so you will always have something handy and ready for when you need to use it. You’re also free to be creative without the distractions of frantically trying to find an item that is somewhere across several worktops in spread-out cluttered spaces.

Another thing great about these central workspaces is that you can have deeper cupboard units in the base to store the bulkier items in; items that would otherwise not fit into the standard sized cupboards. Things like food processors, large pots and pans, and various other items you would use at your central workspace where they are just within reach.