Quooker, the Boiling Water Tap for Your Kitchen

Times are changing, as are the needs of the householder; not only do we need to cut back on wasted water and energy, we also need to think smart. The Quooker Boiling water tap has a high-vacuum insulation, resulting in 60% more energy-efficient saving than other boiling water taps.

Choose between a separate boiling water and accompanying mixer tap, or go all the way for with a single Quooker Fusion tap for all your water needs; hot, warm, cold, and boiling water. Boiling water is generated instantly with the Quooker COMBI from one compact tank that’s hidden tucks away under your sink; no need to waste water waiting for the water to run hot.

The Tap has a standby feature that uses only 3 pence a day, but you can easily have an isolator switch installed to power off when you’re going to be away from the home for long periods of time and/or have concerns about your eco footprint; this will also save energy and money in the long run. The Quooker tap is economical, and the most efficient for saving water and energy, as well as time for those with busy lives.