Andrew James Multifunctional Food Processor

There are many different types of branded multifunctional food processors out there available to buy from various kitchen appliance stores; the price ranges vary with some as low as £40 and some as high as £400.

Electrical equipment these days is not meant to last for a long time like the machines of the past, so it’s always good to get something that looks good and will do the tasks you want it to perform; but don’t go too cheap.

The saying about you getting what you pay for only really applies to electrical appliances at the lowest end of the price range; with items that are cheap they are not going to be all that great, and it’s better to shop smart and spend a little more for something that’s going to do the job and last long enough to get your money’s worth and more. Buying at the higher end of the scale makes no real difference, as you end up paying for the name and something that will have added extras that you’re most likely not going to use. Instead you should be aiming for the appliances in the middle price range, and read the reviews and go with what’s been tried and tested, looks good and has a good brand name to it.

The latest Multifunctional Food Processor from Andrew James is one prime example; it’s in the middle price range, it looks great in your kitchen and moves away from the traditional white drab colour, and does exactly what you need it to do; without the extra parts thrown in that will never get used.

The Andrew James Multifunctional Food Processor is for a medium sized household, and is perfect for baking cakes, grounding coffee, slicing, dicing, blending, and even mixing. With various attachments and functions, you won’t be disappointed. The mixer is the only downside though, as it’s small and only really suitable for small mixes; but most people buy mixers separate anyway so you can get on with whatever you’re doing with the processor, and have the mixer working as a separate device. Andrew James has a range of different mixers available, from hand to automatic. So if you need a bigger mixer they have a good range to compliment the Multifunctional Food Processor, all at reasonable prices.

The Andrew James Multifunctional Food Processor retails from £55 – £65; depending whether you can get it on sale. The hand mixer is around £14, or the 5.2 Litre Multifunctional Food Mixer retails from £90 – £100. There is an assortment of different colours for both mixers, but the Food Processor only comes in black.