Work Kitchens

Ah yes. This is something I have refrained from writing about but that I know people are constantly thinking about. I love communal spaces, if only for the fact that I find people so interesting, so strange and excitingly weird. I love to watch them interact in these communal spaces, and there’s nothing that gets people more flustered than their own food. Moving someone’s lunchbox, taking someone’s soup out of the microwave? You had better believe that these are real issues to many people in the workplace.

There’s not much we can do about it, though. People interacting in these confined spaces is pretty unnatural, with hilarious results. The very best we can hope for is bigger fridges and maybe two microwaves instead of one. It’s a tough life in the office as it is, but poor kitchen decisions only add to the panic/hilarity depending on how you look at it.