Open plan design

This article will be a little more specifically about home design than my normal kitchen design focus, but that is not an accident. I want to talk about one very interesting aspect of design that has a big weighting on the design, layout and use of your kitchen. That aspect is open plan design. What that means, for those people that do not know, is removing things like walls and doors and planning these much larger open spaces.
It means that “rooms” no longer become an important aspect of your living area. Instead what we have are “spaces” within one larger area. You’ll have a place to prepare food, places for storage, some kind of communal eating area (be it a breakfast bar or a dining room table) and then maybe even a specific area for socialising. These don’t have to be separate, which is the joy of open plan design. They can all feed into each other, merge and challenge what people consider to even be a kitchen in the first place.