The kitchen for communal dining

“The kitchen?!” I hear you cry, “The kitchen is a place for cooking, for preparing food, certainly not for eating it you kitchen design heathen!” “We have dining rooms for that,” pipes up one dissenter at the back, “I sit in front of my television to eat” says another. All of these people might be factually correct, you can eat in these places, though why parents allow their children to eat in from the television I will never know, and never do.
The kitchen, though, is the perfect space for eating. Dining rooms are, for many, a luxury that they simply don’t have. That specifically designed communal eating space is becoming less important to home design going forward. That’s why the kitchen is the ideal room; bright, functional and an easy sell to a family who sometimes struggle to eat together. So forget about the television and enjoy a meal with your family, Eastenders has an omnibus on Sundays anyway.