Lighting in the Kitchen space

Lighting your kitchen is often one of the most overlooked aspects of kitchen design. Rubbish lighting can make your kitchen look like a steaming pile of manure; and no one wants that from a kitchen. Instead by choosing your lighting carefully you can transform even the most mundane kitchen into one that makes women swoon and men shed a single tear at your brilliance. So how can you go about doing that? Let’s talk about some options:


In a more communal kitchen and dining area is a chance to use pendants or decorative lighting, as ideally you want overhead light that illuminates warmly and evenly, in contrast to workspace lighting. Keep this on a separate system to the other lights for more control and ensure they are well above head height. This kind of stylish, sexy advice is pretty much my standard. If you find yourself the light of the party, with people begging you to host parties all the time, you can point them towards my work and hope they can become as cool as you.