How to manage in small kitchens

A lot of the time when I discuss kitchen designs I take a little too much for granted. I assume that you all have enormous amounts of space available, or a huge budget, or access to world class designers and architects. The truth is barely anyone has access to any of that. I stayed with a friend in London not long ago who has an extremely small kitchen with limited space. It got me thinking though; it was almost perfect.
While not having much floor space may be seen as a negative it actually allows the work spaces to be that much closer to you, allowing you complete access to everything in the room from that one spot, barely needing to move. The work spaces are big, deeper as a result of the limited space, and support any kind of appliance you might usually associate with the bigger kitchens. Coffee machines, toasters, microwaves and a well design over and hob are barely a reach away. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of tightly designed kitchens.