A fresh coat of paint

One of my final tips for updating your kitchen’s look on a budget is painting it. Yes, that’s right; painting it. I know it is the oldest solution in the book; but for the cost conscious designer, or someone on a shoe string budget who is tired of staring at the same old kitchen walls, a quick lick of paint could be exactly what they, and their kitchen, needs. It takes that old room and really makes it look new and fresh again. The fashion nowadays of course is select simply sections to paint, or maybe just one wall of the room. But if you are looking for a redesign on a budget then we have work to do.


The ceiling is an essential part of painting; and the one that is often overlooked. A white ceiling in particular can, when the rest of the room is freshly painted, look extremely tired and dull. Paint that bit first before tackling the walls, you don’t want paint dripping down the walls after all of your hard work!