The instant hot water tap

There’s one thing above all others that really grinds my gears in the kitchen. Is it my useless, broken dishwasher? No. What about my microwave with a dodgy spinning tray? Not even close. The one thing that rubs me the wrong way is waiting for the tap to get hot. It’s annoying on every level; I don’t want to boil my kettle from ice cold water; that would take years. Likewise, I don’t want to have to cook my rice from cold water, I don’t have that kind of time, I’m not a gourmet chef!

Thankfully the world is populated with genius minds. Someone, probably defying the laws of physics, has designed an instantly hot tap. This is revolutionary – all those previous hassles, all of those headaches – gone in one simple design. They’re not cheap, and obviously require a plumber to come and have a rummage in your pipes, but once it’s fitted? Life gets a whole lot better!