American Style Fridges: Fridges done right

The Americans come under a lot of stick from all quarters of the world for various stupid things they do or invent. The idea of supersizing is ridiculed world wide as people criticise the expanding waistlines of the American population. “Bigger is better” is a phrase often associated with The States, but of the course the reality is that it’s not always true.

One of the best things to come out of the United States is, at least as far as the kitchen goes, their fridges. Enormous, towering fridge/freezer units that dominate the kitchen landscape. They have so much room and storage capacity they easily outperform anything that we’ve made in that area. Of course they also include the masterstroke of having an ice dispenser in the front of the fridge door; allowing any summer drink to quickly be topped up and kept cool as the day wears on.