The Breville Blend Active

Breville is an active contributor to many people’s kitchen repertoire, providing them with effective kitchen appliances for a number of different functions.

One of the company’s products is the Breville Blend Active, a blender designed to enhance convenience when making smoothies and other blended drinks. With a blending cup which doubles as a drinking cup, all you need to do to be ready for the day is unscrew the cup and put on a drinking cap and take it with you wherever you’re going; it is the ideal product for the individual looking to add more fruit into their diet. It is also dishwasher safe, so you don’t even have to be very concerned about keeping the bottle clean.

The Active Blend can be used for a wide range of different drinks; it doesn’t all have to be healthy. You can make delicious milk-shakes, alcoholic drinks, and whatever else you can think up. We recommend searching online for interesting ideas; there are plenty out there.