• Keep your fridge and freezer in tip top condition

  • How economical is it to use a dishwasher?

  • Buying a new microwave

  • Are kitchen gadgets worth the cupboard space?

  • Quality Kitchen Units Made of Timber

  • Are integrated appliances a good idea?

  • Should I buy an expensive bean to cup coffee machine?

  • Can you Allow Customers to Bring their Own Containers to a Canteen?

  • Why is your Catering Supplier Not the Best Choice for you?

  • Catering Equipment and Hygiene

How to keep your kitchen clean

A kitchen is often one of those rooms that gets messy very quickly if you do not keep on top of it. After every meal, there is often a lot of surface mess that should be cleared up straight away. If you leave items out on the side and dirty plates, cooking utensils and pans […]

Is your kitchen too small?

In many modern new build houses the size of the rooms is often minimised at the design stage to allow more houses to be built on a plot of land. This results in some properties having a small kitchen which does not have a seating area. If there are young children in the family this […]

Budget-friendly ways to spruce up your kitchen

There are many creative ways open to people who want to spruce up the kitchen in their property without breaking the bank. All it takes is a little bit of imagination and some hard work to totally transform what some would say is the most important room in the house. Painting the cupboard doors is […]

Is an open plan kitchen right for your family?

As homeowners look to improve and modernise their property one of the alterations they may decide to make is to remove walls separating the kitchen from the dining room or living room to make one large open plan space. This configuration is often seen in new builds and gives the impression of a more spacious […]

Keep your fridge and freezer in tip top condition

Having a fridge, freezer or combination of the two is now seen as an essential appliance in any modern kitchen and they are probably, next to the kettle the most used items in the kitchen. However, we often forget that they do need to be given some regular attention to make sure that they are […]

Is now the right time to have a fitted kitchen designed?

A fitted kitchen can have many advantages. Lots of people have been planning or taken the first steps in to having a fitted kitchen designed during lockdown. It may be that you have been at home a lot and realised that your kitchen simply is not practical or that you want to make it more […]

How economical is it to use a dishwasher?

In the majority of modern kitchens there will probably be a dishwasher either a free-standing type or more commonly an integrated model but if you are concerned about the economy of using a dishwasher compared to good old-fashioned washing up how do the two methods of doing the dishes compare? The answer to this question […]

Buying a new microwave

Microwaves have become an essential part of the modern kitchen and although some are integrated into the kitchen units some people still prefer to buy a free-standing model that they can move around the kitchen to suit their needs. The range of free-standing microwaves on offer is mind blowing and so it is important to […]

Are kitchen gadgets worth the cupboard space?

Before purchasing the latest kitchen gadget, it is a good idea to ask ourselves a few important questions. The first is do I really need a piece of additional equipment to complete a task. For example, an electronic can opener is useful if you have joint problems in your hands and find it difficult to […]

Choosing worktops for your bespoke kitchen

If you have decided that the best choice for your new kitchen is to go for the bespoke option that is to say the kitchen is designed and built to your particular specifications one of the many choices you will have to make is what type of worktops you are going to have. This is […]